About Libby

Photos by Carolyn Scott Photography.

Hi, I’m Libby! I’m a fun loving, open mouth laughing, up for anything kind of photographer.Traveling to the craziest places I can imagine and capturing the most emotional and genuine love possible truly inspires my heart and my life. I believe that love should be captured in the most honest way so that all of the couples I work with can reflect back on the images I create and see the love they truly share.

I started out in art school focusing on drawing and painting creating from what was in my head. However after awhile I knew that something was missing, a piece of my heart was not being translated into my work. This is where my love affair with photography started and has never stopped. I love having the ability to capture people and moments exactly how I see them everytime I press the shutter button. To be able to preserve the essence of a moment and transport the viewer to that time and place really fills my heart with so much joy and ignites my passion for photography and documenting love even more.

I’d truly love to be the one to capture your love and your wedding, giving you the gift of transporting you back to such an amazing day through my eyes and with my images. So let’s set up a time to chat!