What happens if I hire you and you can't be there?  

What if I told you I broke my arm, had orthopaedic surgery and shot a wedding four days later! Yeah, I did that! Luckily, I have a crazy immune system and very rarely get sick!  I work through about anything when I do fall under the weather!  I do have a wonderful support system of fellow photographers and feel completely confident in reaching out to them to make sure your day is covered as if I were present! 

What happens if the photos are lost/destroyed?

I have an awesome back up system and also online back up of all files!  You can request a copy of your photographs and an additional drive for $50.

How much is the retainer?

I require a $500 non-refundable retainer for all weddings.  It can be paid online in your portal after signing your contract but you also have the option to mail it as well.   If you sign your contract electronically I will hold your date for 72 hours until retainer is received.  If not received your date will be available to inquiries.

Do you take credit cards?

Absolutely! I do accept all major credit cards via Stripe and also Paypal! You can pay and keep up with payments in your secure online portal! 

Do you do payment plans?

Sure thing! Payment plans are AWESOME!  I will be glad to send you a friendly reminder and an invoice  and the balance can be broken up into whatever plan works for you! 

How does the album process work?

Books & Albums are a wonderful way to look back at your fantastic day!  I work with you on what photographs, paper, covers and layouts you are interested in!  What appeals to you!  I create an album with the photographs you’ve selected, give you a link for approval and then it’s off to the printers!  Please ask for pricing...

When is the remainder of the package amount due? 

The remainder or balance in full is due 30 days prior to your event.  I will send a friendly reminder just to let you know it’s approaching.  If you’re doing a payment plan, the balance should also be paid in full 30 days prior to the event.

Do you have an assistant the day of? 

Normally, I do!  I love having an assistant/second shooter the day of the wedding.  They are there not only to help me out but also knowing I can only be in one place at each moment they are there to capture things I physically can’t!  They help with the flow of the day, allowing me to stay with the bride as she gets ready while my assistant tends to the boys!  Grabbing detail shots of the wedding venue and reception area.  When I travel I normally travel alone, but I have photographer friends all over so if a second shooter is requested I can make that happen!  Or my awesome local assistant is always up for a ROAD TRIP! 

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes!  I find it essential to carry back up equipment and all licenses and insurance! 

How far in advance should I book?

I am currently booking a year out!   It’s never too early to get started! Especially if you have a popular date! 

Will you attend our rehearsal?

If I am available I would love to!  It helps me get a sense for the day and how the ceremony will flow! Also allows me to pick out some awesome areas for photo opportunities!  Rehearsal dinner coverage can be added to your package! 

What if I want an item not included in your pricing guide? 

I am super easy to work with on creating custom packages for all my couples!  I am willing to substitute and add to any package!  Please inquire for a la carte items! 

I'm pretty sure I want to hire you, but I still need to visit one other photographer.  Will you hold the date?   

I am unable to hold a date without a signed contract and retainer.  

Will I be able to print my photos on my own?

Yes!  I give printing rights to all of my couples!  These are your photographs!  I just ask that you partner with me on printing any photos over 8x10 due to sizing and getting the best quality photographs you can! 

Do you take the traditional posed family portraits?

Traditional photographs of family and bridal party are always a necessity.  I really enjoy the unposed moments and would definitely say that I prefer that style over posed family portraits.  So I try to put a little spin on them, so they’re not so stiff, everyone’s smiling and generally they make pretty awesome family photographs to cherish for years to come! 

How long does it take to get our proofs?

Proofing generally takes 4-6 weeks.  I will send you a link to your gallery and mail out your thumb drive shortly thereafter!