This Weekend : A New Start and a sneak at Laura and Brendan's Big Day!

So I'm once again going to try to get on to some sort of blogging schedule.  I've just started making walking a part of my day most days and I think I always thought, I needed to have the right shorts, or the right t shirt or the right headphones, playlist, temperature, etc.. JUST DO IT ALREADY! and that's exactly what I've been doing.. just doing it and it's paid off! So here's where I'm going to try the same approach with blogging!  

I have a backload of super duper amazing weddings and I will absolutely get to each and every one but I am going to start now.. starting with Laura and Brendan's wedding from this past Saturday! 

Mother Nature owed me BIG TIME! Absolutely NO RAIN and it was just perfection..Here's a few sneaks from their downtown Raleigh wedding at the always DELICIOUS Caffe Luna! I must say, what a beautiful venue for an intimate ceremony.  I've photographed rehearsal dinners in this spot but never a wedding and it was just gorgeous!  Looking forward to sharing more with you later this week (<---see what I did there? I just committed myself to having another post done this week!)  Enjoy!