The Garden on Millbrook Bridal Portraits | Raleigh, North Carolina Wedding Photographer | Kathlyn

Kathlyn is not only stunning but she has to be one of the sweetest bride's I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  Leading up to her wedding day (and after) I received little messages of thanks and appreciation from her.  I feel incredibly fortunate to work with such loving and thoughtful couples. 

I literally just finished their wedding images and am currently uploading their gallery!!! and I wanted to take a moment to share some of my very favorites from Kathlyn's bridal session at The Garden on Millbrook, which was also their wedding venue! 

I remember when I showed Kathlyn proofs from this session and she messaged me "this one is one of my favorite pics of me ever taken" That right there, is the best compliment a photographer can ever get! <3 That image was and still is a fast favorite but wasn't chosen as her bridal portrait.   I am still completely head over heels for the one she ended up choosing... you'll have to scroll to the end to see which one she ended up going with! :) 

Venue: The Garden on Millbrook  // Make up Artist: Julie Robbins Make-Up  // Hair Artist: Alli Carter // Floral Design: Fresh Affairs  // Gown : David's Bridal 

Knew the moment I clicked the shutter, this would be it.. Usually, brides choose a different image than my very favorite for their bridal canvas....except for this time! Love how Kathlyn's canvas turned out! <3 

Highgrove Estate Wedding : Fuquay Varina, North Carolina | Gwyn+Neil

"She's as sweet as Tupelo honey
She's an angel of the first degree
She's as sweet as Tupelo honey
Just like the honey, from the bee"

-Tupelo Honey, Van Morrison

They danced to this beautiful song by one of my favorite artists.. surrounded by family and friends who came from near and far to be there, some over 3600 miles!  Gwyn and Neil were married last May and I've been wanting to feature this wedding for months now, time gets away from you.  So let's do this properly.

Gwyn and Neil were a "perfect fit" referral from their good friends Lauren and Jared who were married a few months before them in September.  The first time I met Gwyn we had an instant connection and when I met Neil, he was just as entertaining and so sweet.  They took me to Tanglewood Park for their Save the Dates and instantly I knew this was going to be such and adventure.  We later travelled to the Blue Ridge Mountains during peak season for their Engagements.  One snag of course, it was when the government shutdown was going on.. who knew National parks would be that affected but they knew their way around the mountains like pros and it didn't hinder us one bit.  They'll completely agree.. we had the best time and the best meatball subs and Gaelic Ales at that little restaurant in downtown Blowing Rock.  

Their day was perfect in every way.. even the raindrops that came and went exactly 40 minutes before the ceremony.. just enough time to come blessing them on their wedding day and leaving as quickly as they came to not hinder their outdoor ceremony.  I remember Lauren looking at me as we both caught a glimpse of the big rain drops as they fell, and we rushed to close the drapes as to not worry Gwyn as she was getting ready.. 

Highgrove Estate was exceptional. Just a gorgeous venue! Catering was amazing and their very favorite band Old Habits played the night away, they'd actually been playing the night they met!  

Their first year has been an adventure and I am so glad they're getting settled in their new home in Texas.. I just wish they lived closer!  Congratulations Gwyn+Neil! and Thank you so much for allowing me in to capture this awesome love you two share for each other.. you two together can face any challenge and make the most of it! and that's what I love the most about the two of you! 

Venue: Highgrove Estate // Assistant Photographer:  Melissa DeLorme Photography // Coordination: Angela at Highgrove Estate //  Videography: Two Suits Films // Floral Design: Flowers on Broadstreet // Cake Design : Sweet Memories Bakery // Band: Old Habits //Make Up Artist: Jessica Davis // Gown: Traditions by Anna-Paloma Blanca // Rentals : CE Rentals // Officiant: Reverend Gerald Donnelly // String Musicians: Florian Music 


Cordie : Bridal Portrait, JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Cordie and I along with her maid of honor and little sister met out at JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh to shoot her bridal portraits back in September!  I remember the day very well.. we were once again chasing the light and praying the rain would hold off.. and if raindrops on your wedding dress mean good luck, well, let's just say Cordie and Christian's marriage is drenched in LUCK!  We ended Cordie's Bridal Portrait session with her pulling up her dress and running as fast as she could to shelter!  The rain DID not hold off and we pushed it to the limit!! but from the images below we still pulled off some beautiful portraits! <3


Florals: Mews Floral Design