Sadie+Justin: Married! Outer Banks, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Sadie and Justin were married on the beach in Kill Devil Hills back in June and it was beautiful.. Total DIY wedding where Sadie and friends came together to put all the finishing touches on their day! So many KIDS!! The most amazing and beautiful children.. I had no idea there would be this many kids and how wonderful they'd be in front of my lens!  I remember asking Sadie what the significance of the Buccaneer Motel was and come to find out they'd been coming here for years from Ohio... like 12+ years ever summer.  So in a way this place totally feels like home and was the perfect setting for these two to say I will.. <3 This wedding was full of family and friends, cousins and siblings.  I had so much fun hanging out with these guys and have the opportunity to capture this super intimate wedding for them.. I wish they lived closer!!!!

Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 3
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 1
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 2
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 5
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 6
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 8
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 9
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 7
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 10
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 22
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 11
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 13
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 14
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 16
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 18
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 19
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 20
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 17
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 21
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 23
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 25
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 26
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 27
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 29
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 30
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 31
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 33
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 34
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 35
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 36
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 38
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 39
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 40
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 41
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 42
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 43
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 44
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 45
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 46
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 47
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Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 65
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 66
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 68
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 70
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 71
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 74
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 76
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 77
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 80
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 78
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 79
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 81
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 82
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 83
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 84
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 85
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 87
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 88
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 89
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 90
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Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 92
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 93
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Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 95
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Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 98
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 99
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 100
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Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 102
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Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 106
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 107
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 119
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 108
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 109
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 110
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 112
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 113
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 117
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 114
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 115
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 116
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer 118

The Martinez Family : Fall Session, Wilmington, North Carolina Lifestyle Family Photographer

I can't believe I had not blogged this session before now! I've become too lazy and satisfied with posting albums on facebook.. this will change.  :)

Here's this beautiful family the first time we met!  Back in November of 2012 we met on a wonderfully overcast chilly morning at Chandler's Wharf in Wilmington, North Carolina.

You can really see how much they've grown in just SIX MONTHS!  Crazy, right!

Enjoy this beautiful lifestyle session and check out their latest session here! :)


The Martinez Family : Wilmington, North Carolina Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Adore this family!  This was our second session together and you can check out our session from last November here. They had relocated to Jacksonville from California and were in need of a portrait photographer to capture their little ones and these moments!  We had such a great time the first time and I was thrilled when Olivia reached out to me over the Summer to schedule another session!  This time Saxon's parents were in town and what a perfect time to get family photos taken!

It's funny, with the chill in the air today to look back at these photos.  We met at I think 7 or so and it was H.O.T.  like STUPID hot.. So hot we had to duck into the froyo shop and wait it out a little but that turned out to be a blessing because we were able to feed the squirrel.  YES!!  You heard me right.. there's a squirrel that lives in the tree in front of the froyo shop in downtown Wilmington and he will eat peanuts out of your hand.  THE COOLEST THING EVER!!

After our bellies were full of frozen yogurt and we all weren't dripping with sweat we took advantage of the sights and gorgeous light that just happened to be there when we were ready to walk again!

These two little ones are such a delight to photograph and I'm looking forward to seeing them soon! :)



Crosspointe Church : Fall Family Sessions, Fred Bond Park, Cary, NC Family Portrait Photographer

I was approached early last fall by a friend asking if I would be interested in coming up with a special portrait package for all of the volunteers and staff who work for Crosspointe Church in Cary, North Carolina.  So excited, "Absolutely!" I said..  I had experience photographing a few families but not many at this point..most of my experience had been just weddings.. and "I pose families for formals?" I thought.. RIGHTTTTTTTTT..  I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.. and I couldn't have asked for a greater gift than the opportunity to photograph so many loving families in the span of a few weeks.  EIGHTEEN in total.  I was diving HEAD FIRST into the deep end of family portrait photography and many of the sessions consisted of a little bit of pet photography too! :) I chose Fred Bond Park in Cary after visiting while scouting out the perfect setting!  It was all green at the time, but I had seen photos and the leaves turned a beautiful warm auburn and bright sunshiny yellow once the chill hit the air.  The first session I scheduled before the time change for a date, you guessed it.. after daylight savings time fell back.  So by the end of the session we were practically in the dark.. All of the families worked with me getting rearranged.. We worked through reschedules with illnesses, trips, rain and work schedules.. but we were able to get every single one DONE!

Looking back I think this is truly some of my best work.  I LOVED working with every single one of these families and am not even showing you all of them!  Just a sample of the many families I worked with.. Going out there almost every day for two weeks at the peak of the leaves changing color.. I watched them as they changed over the two weeks and fell in love with that park.. Still one of my favorite places to shoot.

I am currently beginning to schedule Fall Family Sessions and availability is tight!  So if you are thinking this is the year you get that portrait updated for your holiday cards or just want to see how beautiful you truly are.. drop me a line.  I only have a few Sundays and weekdays available in October and there's limited availability in November!  I'd love to get you on my calendar..