American Tobacco Campus Engagement Photographer : Durham, North Carolina | Kelly+Logan

There's something about my couples.  It's a connection.  When I was sitting down talking to my amazing designer, Ravyn of Three Fifteen Design, who's helping me rebrand we talked about "my couples" and how to define them.  In all aspects of business you have a target market.  Who YOU want to work with and that they want to work with YOU! I knew the moment we sat down at the Flying Saucer, Kelly and Logan had a flight in front of them, they looked like a couple in love and also best friends.  I knew from the first few minutes of that meet up, that I wanted to work with THEM and by the end I knew they wanted to work with ME! They easily fell into the category of being  one of "MY COUPLES" ;) 

The day we met up for their engagements, we once again battled crazy weather!  I had just left a bridal session in Chapel Hill where huge raindrops had just started and I knew they were coming in from Greenville and I wanted to make sure this wasn't a wasted/rained out trip! We frantically texted each other what the weather was like where we were.... "tears were almost shed" but we avoided the crazy thunderstorms and downpours and had a lovely session at ATC in Downtown Durham! 

SO Funny and one of the best stories about Kelly and Logan is that when we met up, they actually, technically, weren't engaged! HAHAH Logan had really wanted for the right moment to present itself! and he remedied that soon after our meet up during a trip to Savannah with Kelly.  In front of Forsyth Park's famous fountain, Logan went down on one knee and asked Kelly to marry him with a gorgeous emerald cut solitaire! Their parents came out of hiding to celebrate! The funniest part is when they were telling me about it, they said some random person came up and asked "are you getting ready to propose?!" as they were walking around the fountain.. HAHAHAH Why would someone DO THAT!! Just an FYI, if you see someone you may THINK is going to propose.. don't ask.. just let it happen and consider yourself lucky to be there! ;) 

I'm excited for these two, who just bought a house and can soon be in the same city!! They've been living apart due to careers and sharing the puppy parenting with their beautiful pup, Darby. Who I know will be so incredibly happy to have her parents together under one roof! So looking forward to their wedding in October at Mordecai with a reception at Caffe Luna. Enjoy my favorites from their engagement session this past April.

Durham Bulls Stadium Save the Date Photographer | Amanda+Paul

Amanda and Paul took me to my VERY first Durham Bulls baseball game!  Back in July we basically recreated their very first date! <3  

For their save the dates we were trying to come up with a unique place that really represented who they were as a couple.. I think Paul said "it would be cool if we could get into the Durham Bulls Stadium for a few shots.."  I told them I would see what I could do! 

I reached out to some of my awesome resources and I was reaching dead ends.. and then Amanda emailed me that

"Sooo it just so happens that we got offered free tickets to the Home Run Derby at a July 4th party yesterday!! :)"

Yes.. this was perfect!  So we walked around American Tobacco Campus and then made our way into the stadium for the rest of their session.  We literally left at the best possible second we could've!  See there were clouds moving in.. huge, dark, ominous clouds.  We made our way onto the top deck of the parking deck to literally grab maybe 10 shots.. and then the sky just opened up as we walked right into the elevator!  

One of those awesome shots made it onto their save the dates!  Thanks to these guys for taking that extra moment to grab those even when we thought we were going to be caught in that crazy storm!! 

Seriously can not wait to see them again for their engagements and to photograph their wedding at the Sutherland next May! <3