Traditional Islamic African Wedding // Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

"Let me get one of your cards, there's a bride asking for your info.. she's getting married in April!"   Melissa and I were working our first wedding together in October of 2013 for Cordie+Christian's Wedding.  Zainab had inquired as we were setting up for the sparkler exit! 

Things are always so crazy at the end of the night.. I remember telling her to PLEASE send me an email and we can chat about her day! and she did just that! We connected immediately via email and went back and forth with "!!!!".  I'd never met anyone who could match my excitement through emails until I met Zainab!  

I was a little nervous meeting up.  She mentioned this was a traditional Islamic/African wedding and I wasn't quite sure what that meant but I wanted to learn all about it! I have always been drawn to the ceremony, culture and art of other religions.  I was incredibly excited she was going to trust me to capture all of the important moments of her day! 

Pa was in Minnesota and I wasn't able to meet him until the weekend he came down and we shot their engagements.  I could easily see why she was so in love with him.  His smile is infectious which totally mirrors Zainab's.  These two were meant for each other.. no other way to put it.  

I was asked at a consult the other night which wedding from last year was my favorite.. and looking over all of them, I honestly couldn't say.  Each and every single one has my heart in it.. but there are some that really stand out.  This is one of them.  I was completely introduced to the Islamic ceremony and ritual with Zainab and Pa's Nikkah.  It was beautiful and still gives me chills thinking about that morning.  The celebration of these two coming together was incredible.  

There was a break of a few hours where they changed into traditional formal wedding attire for their reception.  The Nikkah in the morning, is just immediate family and very close friends.  The reception later at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Downtown Raleigh was much larger.  

To this day, I get little texts from Zainab and I can honestly say, it's like she knows exactly when I need them.. <3  

Enjoy some of my very favorites from their day! 

Assistant Photographer : Melissa DeLorme Photography // Reception Venue:  Church of the Good Shepherd // MUAH: Courtney Hughes/The Makeup Team