Ashley+Jon | Engagement Session | Carolina Renaissance Festival, Charlotte, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

These two, these two are going to be united this weekend.  In a parish constructed in the 1700's that has withstood over two hundred years and the test of time.. which is so appropriate for these two. Ashley+Jon met with me last year in Wilmington, so in love and so excited to talk about the plans for their wedding at Brunswick Towne.  We had said we would come up with some fantastic ideas for an engagement session.  I had no idea where that would take us...

Gotta love Facebook, I went looking through Jon's photos.  I love seeing couples photos on their Facebook pages.  It gives me an idea of how they have fun, how they show their love and their history together.  I was drawn to their Renaissance Festival photos.   This is something they put a ton of heart and soul into.  This is their FUN!  I wanted to suggest using the Carolina Renaissance Festival as the perfect backdrop to their engagement session, but if I did, I'd have to admit that I'd been Facebook stalking!!! Ahhh.

You have no idea how excited I was when I received this email from Jon..

"Ashley and I sat down the other night and came up with a sort of atypical idea for engagement photos and were wondering if you were free and interested in such an endeavor!  The weekend of October 26th, 27th and 28th we will both be in the Charlotte area for the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and of course, will be in costume (because let’s face it, it’s awesome to dress up in costumes and run around).  Since this is both kind of a special (and dorky) event for us, we thought it’d be fun to commemorate it with our engagement pictures"

I met with them at the end of October to document their love at the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This place was magical and a perfect setting for their engagements.  I loved how fair goers would stop them and ask to have their photo taken with them.  This is where they feel the most comfortable and it was easy to capture the fun and love that day.  Huzzah!

Jon+Ashley, I can't wait to see you both and witness your magical wedding! <3